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    Spam is on serious rise on this forum and it seems things have gone worst after wandisco acquiring this forum, I initially thought things would improve but than things are going other wise, my humble request to wandisco and other community members to take measures to make this forum spam free.

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    We will dextrous. I don't think you can blame us for smarter bots but it's a constant battle of measures and counter-measures that we will stay on top of.


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      Of all the forums I am a member of (PHPBB and otherwise), this is the only one which has a SPAM problem even close to the level this one does. Even the ones which have no company behind them and are strictly volunteer/unpaid membership.

      A simple CAPTCHA & requiring that a human being authorize an account (2 methods I've seen used elsewhere) goes a long way towards stopping the flood.


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        I don't think you can blame us for smarter bots
        I am not up for any blame games here but than that's been a recent serious concern which might undermine the effectiveness of this community as whole, I have been member of this community for almost 3 years now but haven't observed so much spam.
        i returned today with week long vacation today and see so much spam that I don't want to even read through the threads which need attention

        read through following posts

        If you want you can appoint volunteers from community who can moderate new users, I am willing to volunteer for it.


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          Hi Dextrous,

          We certainly welcome offers of help to deal with the current spam issues - I will contact you by private message.

          Spam is a continuing problem on this board and we do have a plan to address it in the medium term with new forum software. We've been working on that (there's a great looking prototype) but we have some quite challenging outstanding issues to solve due to the age of the current forum software. We expect this to come to fruition early in the new year.

          SVNforum does currently have captcha in the registration process along with email confirmation Andy. We could manually authorise every account too I guess, but the fact is that SVNforum has a high ranking in Google and as such certain spammers find it rewarding to target the site. The signups by these guys are completely manual and on first-look appear genuine. That makes it hard to deal with and today our only choice to to delete the spam as quickly as possible, which a number of us do on a regular basis. As I say, offers of help with that is most welcome and we also have an email address - "" which will result in very quick response if you just want to let us know of a new spam attack.

          We do have some good plans for SVNforum and would like to see it become a stronger community. I'm personally championing that in the business with a view to getting the new forum software in which I hope will dramatically improve the experience for everyone here.

          Thanks for your continued support guys and please rest assured that we will do everything we can to nail the spam problem as soon as we can.

          Best Wishes,



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            Yep - This recent spamming definitely increases the priority for us to solve this. We are working on providing an upgraded more spam proof forum as soon as possible. In the mean time if you wish to report anything to us please email or just and it will be dealt with ASAP.

            We do have some really great plans for the SVN community and SVNforum. Unfortunately our development resource has been working a very high priority project that meant we couldn't spend the time on this that we wanted to. That work is very close to complete now so the forum upgrade won't be neglected for much longer.

            Thanks for bearing with us,



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              I see that you've skipped 1 report ( so I won't email that to you, but you should consider deleting it as his only purpose is to make some attention around the link in his signature.

              Same link

              Google his link and it reveals it all


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                Thanks - They had already been killed by the time I got here. The feedback is really appreciated.