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SVNForum acquired by Wandisco

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  • SVNForum acquired by Wandisco

    Hello All,

    This forum is acquired by Wandisco from today. Thank you all for your contribution and participation especially AndyL, Kama, JNiven, Dextrous, Mike5. If you have any question or concerns please contact me at mahpatel [at]


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    Thank you once again for creating and maintaining the best online subversion community. We are delighted with the purchase and are determined to ensure the forum continues the very high standards that you have set.

    We do not plan to close the community - far from it. In fact we would like to enhance what we already have.

    As a leader of the Subversion project with active core developers of the open source product on staff, subversion is a very important component of our business strategy. This acquisition forms a very important part of that and I would like to assure users of e site that WANdisco will take good care of this site.

    If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

    Also, we are looking to hire a full time community manager for this site. I Am particularly interested in discussing the possibility of some of the active contributors on the forum to take up this role.

    Thank you!

    David Richards
    President & CEO, WANdisco, Inc.