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file upload dialog doesn't report size errors

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  • file upload dialog doesn't report size errors

    Just a quick note, I tried to upload a png file that was 22K. The "advanced" file dialog showed a red exclamation point which I guess indicates the upload failed. However there was no indication why the upload failed. Fortunately I noticed the "use basic upload" and discovered that png files bigger than 19K are rejected (why is that?). It'd be nice to have the error message with the default uploader.

    thanks, bcreane

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    Images aren't terribly helpful unless you need to demonstrate something that is purely graphical (like a revision graph). Copy & paste the text instead.

    Not a solution to the problem you've presented, but an alternative to doing it in the first place.


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      Thanks for the reply. Agree, copy / paste is better. However the SmartSVN error dialogs do not support copy, so I did a screen grab instead.